Let us tell you a little about our range of health breads…

It all began with Grandfather Grainger [Our CEO, Tim’s Grandfather]; a cattle farmer. His cattle weren’t at their peak and he needed them to be; he instinctively turned to diet and more specifically, the nutrients within the soil where they were grazing. After some investigation, he identified the holes in the nutritional make-up of their diet and made some changes. Within weeks he saw a marked change in the quality and performance of the cattle.

We have taken on board these learnings and have adopted the approach of utilising nourishing whole foods & ingredients for healthy, thriving outcomes. With health and nutrition being at the epicenter of everything we do. Each and every product is designed to deliver on taste, texture and most importantly; making you feel great!

The Paleo Range
We love to nudge on boundaries of baking, so the obvious challenge was for us to produce the lowest carb bread we possibly could to make our new super-healthy Paleo Bread… Some may call it ironic, a bakery producing Paleo… we call it winning! All the joys of Paleo AND all the joys of freshly baked bread and snacks!

What we really love about Paleo is that it directs people back to whole foods, focusing on nutrient-dense ingredients sourced primarily from vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. We used this foundation to create a Paleo bread that our fans could trust! Love me: Toasted, topped, dipped or naked!

Organic Sourdough Range
This was our first range to be developed when we were just getting started back in 2002.

Carefully crafted using the best quality ingredients available to man [and woman] and produced using tried and tested traditional baking methods, this is our ultimate sourdough that has stood the test of time. Also affectionately known as our rock star range, as soon as people try it, they’re converted! A fan for life!

So if you haven’t already, click on our shop now button above and try some for yourself.

Love me: toasted and topped!

Gluten Freedom Range
Gluten Freedom is the brainchild of our fans who keep us striving for the best. They wanted all the things they loved about traditional bread, taste, touch, texture… so the challenge was on.

It boiled down to the fact that our fans want the freedom to eat bread as you would normal bread and we want you to feel great from enjoying our bread. The key was freshness.

Check out our range and let us know what you think of our freshness! Our fans tell us that they can’t tell the difference between freedom and normal bread! What do you think?