Nutritional Information Table
Calories : 288 / 14%
Fat: 14.5g /21%
Saturates: 2g / 2%
Protein: 13.7g / 30%
Carbs: 27.7g / 11%
Sugar: 3.4g / 4%
Salt: 0.5g / 8%
Fiber: 5.1g / –

Having been vegan for nearly a decade, I really missed hummus when I started the Autoimmune Protocol. It had been one of those cheap, easy, and delicious staples in my diet, and it only occurred to me recently that I could make a similar dish without legumes (garbanzo beans), seeds (sesame and cumin), or nightshades (paprika). Here I use roasted garlic along with fresh lemon juice and a high-quality olive oil to recreate the flavor of traditional hummus, and I promise it doesn’t disappoint!