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20 06, 2018

Nourish, Restore & Rest

This time of year can be challenging as we say goodbye to balmy summer evenings and hello to shorter, darker, cooler days. One of the most powerful antidotes to the winter blues or run

17 04, 2018

Creating a Bedtime Ritual

Sleep is essential for optimal health. It is a time for our precious bodies to heal and to replenish. With adequate sleep. our bodies are well rested and our mood, metabolism, brain function and

26 02, 2018

Plant-Based Nutrition Meets Plant-Based Movement

What does "plant-based" even mean? Plant-based living is a way of life that focuses on choosing foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. Vegetables play the leading role in your

12 01, 2018

Getting Back on Track for the New Year

Hands up if you spent your holiday enjoying a few extra sleep-ins, some lazy beach time and some extra cheeky indulgences... With the accompaniment of loved ones and laughter, we have described the perfect,

29 09, 2017

The Loe Down

Spring is officially here and we have started to experience those glimmers of sunshine that lift our spirits, warm our bodies and brighten our day. With staggering beauty across our rugged countryside, rich forests

29 09, 2017

Stress Management Tips for Longevity

This month at Venerdi HQ we have put our focus into stress management longevity. Stress can lead to weaken the immune system and cause high blood pressure, fatigue, depression, anxiety and even heart disease, so

16 08, 2017

Do You Have The Right Tribe?

At Venerdi we are nuts about human well-being and we believe that the relationships we make can have large impact on this. This month we have been busy researching different ways, through mind, fuel

16 08, 2017

The Loe Down

You’re never too old to play with your friends… Grab your bestie, your mum, your kids, your neighbour… it’s time to get moving! This month we got in touch with Personal Trainer Niki Loe,

6 07, 2017

Project PLAY

We know that life isn’t likely to slow down any time soon, but we’ve been working with Personal Trainer Niki Loe to come up with some inspiring ideas to build play into your day.

6 07, 2017

It’s Play Time

Ever wondered what the recipe is for happiness? The food we eat, the company we keep, the connections we make and our environment and where we live are obvious factors, but have you considered

30 05, 2017

How To Keep Moving During The Winter Months

We know the feeling all too well of wanting to retreat indoors during the colder months and the challenge to drag yourself out there and stay active gets less and less appealing. On our