Check out our favourite way to kick things off in the morning! Just set your alarm an extra 5 mins early.

Start off with a big glass of water to hydrate after your evening fast, then it’s time for a little morning movement. Choose to ‘energise’ or ‘invigorate’ with these step-by-step routines courtesy of Niki Loe; Personal Training and Natural Nutritionist.

Firstly, a little jog on the spot for 30 seconds to warm up the body…..

Energise! TABATA time! A quick and effective way to optimise muscle tone, fat burning and “after-burn” potential for the day ahead.


• Fun jumps (burpees)
• Mountain climbers
• Twisting mountain climbers
• Mountain climb hip openers
• Start jumps
• Run on the spot
• Squat jumps
• Twisting planks
• Push-up

20 seconds: go time!
10 seconds: complete stop!
Repeat x8 rounds

Total time: 4 minutes! That’s it!

If you have little ones who get up with you every morning, get them involved too! They will love jumping around with you. 20 seconds on and then ‘freeze’! Be as creative as you like!

Invigorate! Take the time for a full body stretch and strengthen in 5 mins


• Bridge to warm up the spine and wake up the gluts x 10
• Pike to plank or up dog x 5
• Plank 60 seconds
• Twisting plank x10-20
• Stretches: Gluts, hamstrings, side stretch and seated twists. 5 breaths each.

If you’re having one of those mornings where even 4 minutes feels impossible, just encourage the kids to do 10 fun star jumps with you to start the day with giggles and energy before brekky time!

Sometimes, stealing a moment in the morning to take 5 deep breaths before jumping out of bed, with a moment to set your intention for the day or to smile for the things in your life that make you happiest in the world, can be the best exercise you can choose for yourself to change the outlook on your whole day. Starting the day with intentional gratitude, attitude and a nourishing breakfast can be a real life-changer!