During times of high stress, friendships have a tendency to fade into the background, while work and family take centre stage. Research shows this is a mistake and in fact, counterproductive to maintaining your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Research shows us that stress hormones spike while feelings of self-worth plummet in response to negative situations. Friends, however, have a protective effect on both of these body and mind responses. Simply being with a best friend during a stressful event, such as an argument or bullying, reduces the levels of stress hormones that would normally flood the body and stabilise feelings of self-worth, thus acting as a social buffer.


This month, we challenge you all to have a bit of fun and get together with your friends and family – have a dinner party, drinks and nibbles any reason to get together with friends and connect.  We all get busy with our own work and all the other things we think are important, but we often forget that the connections we make are the most precious and most revitalising. With it being Venerdi’s birthday month,  here at Venerdi HQ will also be revitalising our minds with celebrations!