Crafted seed and sour with hummus, avocado and poached eggsIntroducing Crafted Seed & Sour, the most recent addition to the Venerdi Organic Sourdough range. Our innovative bakers started conjuring up with this one by taking our unique organic brown rice sourdough and combining it with activated seeds for a loaf that is packed full of seeds and sourdough goodness. The addition of caraway seeds (a spice similar to dill or anise seeds that is often found in rye bread) gives this loaf an aromatic, earthy flavour which is perfectly balanced with our sourdough for an incredibly dynamic flavour profile. Made with certified organic ingredients, you can feel confident knowing that we’ve used only the best quality ingredients available.

Venerdi Founder, Tim Grainger, describes this loaf as being “moreish until you’ve eaten too much and have to skip dinner. It offers the best of our Organic Activated Six Seed and Paleo Super Seeded plus something a little bit different”.

Hemp hearts, which are an awesome source of essential fatty acids, add to Crafted Seed & Sour’s total fat level of 11.2g per serve*. This, combined with a protein levels at 10.7g per serve* and carbs at 4.8g per serve*, provides a loaf where even just a couple of slices of will leave you feeling satiated for hours.

*serving size is 52g.

Sourdough for good gut health

The sourdough we use (which features in all of our sourdough products), has been fermenting for over 15 years and has two pure strains of Lactobacillus; Paraplantarum and Fermentarum. Lactobacillus is a probiotic bacteria and even though these bacteria’s die during the baking process, they can still have a positive effect on our gut health and general wellbeing. When our sourdough cultivates our organic brown rice flour is bought to life; lactic acid produces enzymes that digest the phytic acid, unlocking the proteins and giving our dough its incredible flavour and texture.

We made the decision to produce Crafted Seed & Sour as our first unsliced loaf to truly hark back to the old times of classic bread baking and give you complete flexibility to enjoy it however you wish. Slice it thick, thin or anything in between.

Check out some of our favourite ways to enjoy Crafted Seed & Sour below!

  1. Toasted and served with a classic combination of smashed avo and a poached egg
  2. Enjoyed alongside a bowl of warm soup. We love the combination of caraway seeds with pumpkin soup.
  3. Thinly sliced, baked until crisp and served on a platter as crostini/crackers.
    TIP: refrigerate your loaf overnight before slicing, this will make getting your slices extra thin a lot easier!
  4. Enjoyed as a vegan reuben with dairy free cheese, sauerkraut, mushrooms (sliced and sautéed), wholegrain mustard and DF mayonnaise

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