Many of our lovely Gluten Freedom fans have been asking why we have made the call to remove Gluten Freedom from supermarket and retail shelves.

The simple answer is we can’t compete in a price-war to retain our spot on the shelves. It goes against Venerdi beliefs to compromise on the quality of our products and unfortunately, that would be the only way for Gluten Freedom to remain in the marketplace.

For some time now, thousands of Gluten Freedom loaves have ended up in bins each month, after sitting on shelves and not being sold. It has become unsustainable for us to continue in the manner. However, we know that when you have food intolerance’s it can be very hard to find good products and brands you can trust.

Having carried out a survey to ask our Freedom fans about our range; what they like and any frustrations that may inhibit their ability or decision to purchase Gluten Freedom, two key points came booming through – price and consistent availability in-store.

Our solution: take control of availability through direct delivery to your door. By doing so, we can pass those savings on to you, the loyal fans of Freedom.

We know this won’t work for everyone and we are sorry to those who will no longer be able to purchase. Yes, it’s a change in behaviour, but we are committed to ensuring it’s an enjoyable one. There are many benefits to shopping online with us:
– Fresher than ever – from the bakery oven, fresh to your door
– Low fixed delivery fee nationwide, including rural areas
– Guaranteed availability
– Online shopper goodies – look out for some extra goodness inside your orders
– The best priced gluten free bread in the country, now online for just $3.99 a loaf

We hope you will join us for the journey, and are as excited as we are about the evolution of Gluten Freedom!

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