Introducing our artisan range of sourdough breads.
A range designed to ruffle a few feathers.

Gluten Freedom has always been about pushing the boundaries that little bit further to create a range of breads that give fans the complete freedom to enjoy food occasions. This range goes a nudge further again. Using time-honoured sourdough fermentation methods and marrying them with a more innovative and dynamic flavour profile, these breads will spruce up any food occasion and see you relishing every morsel.

Intolerances and diet aside; yes, this range is vegan friendly, gluten, dairy and soy free, but you’d never know it and that’s the point. It’s a range of flocking good bread that focuses on what you can eat, not what you can’t. A range fans can feel proud to share or take along to a BBQ. The taste and texture speak for itself. Unrecognizably gluten free.

Pedro the Pigeon

We couldn’t have done it alone though… we needed someone who’d tasted many breads the world over, someone to keep us on our toes and someone with an innate passion for bread…

Meet Pedro the Pigeon, a recognizable fellow. He comes from a long line of ancestors who have sampled breadcrumbs throughout history all over the world… So who better to be our connoisseur?

Pedro has many feathers to his bow. Not just a bread connoisseur, but a bird with a message to share. He’s found a range of breads that he can feel proud of. Fit for the whole family, regardless of intolerances. This range is here to cause some disruption. Its dynamic and flavour-full ingredients leave you feeling nourished yet light. Light as a feather, Pedro would say. He’s a cheeky character with plenty of swaggers and just enough attitude to keep his flock in check. He starts each day with a best-foot-forward strut around the block, before meeting his beautiful, edgy friends for a few crumbs of his favourite Freedom.

broken black rice & polenta sourdough
classic sourdough bagels
sweet potato sourdough buns
sweet potato sourdough
fancier sourdough pizza bases
hemp & rosemary sourdough buns

Here to make a statement, this range has been developed to focus on what free-from eaters can have. It’s a range for those of you who believe you deserve better. Vegan friendly, gluten, soy and dairy free, but you’d never guess it.

This artisan range is a true expression of creativity and something fans will feel proud to share. Now including, Gluten Freedom Broken Black Rice & Polenta Sourdough, Sweet Potato Sourdough, Sweet Potato Sourdough Buns, Hemp & Rosemary Sourdough Buns, Classic Sourdough Bagels and Fancier Sourdough Pizza Bases.

Available at New World, Pak’nSave, Countdown and premium retailers nationwide.