Hey there. We love bread and we care about how it’s made.

You see, we’re innovators at heart, we’re not satisfied doing the same thing as everyone else. We make bread that is extraordinary. We make food to awaken life. When Venerdi started up back in 2002 we were at the frontline of a bread revolution. We gathered the conventional ideas about baking bread and said our goodbyes. Creating new rules and exploring new recipes. Our instinct told us that food needed to be made with nutrition and health at the heart of the recipe, and that it should be tasty. Very tasty.

Our key priority for every product is to give you the ultimate eating experience – from incredible taste and texture, through to how you feel well after you finish the very last mouthful. We continually reassess our recipes and our methods, tweaking recipes if we think it will improve the final result. We’re committed to making the best bread at all times. Innovation is evolution, and we aren’t afraid of change to provide maximum goodness in every slice.

We have big plans for the future. More whole foods. Less waste. Simplification of ingredients and more fermentation. Dreams of how we can continue to provide you with only the very best – without compromise.

Join us as we create food to awaken life.