Hello! We’re Venerdi… and we’re here to make it a whole lot easier to treat your body to some nourishing goodness every day!

We spend our day studying, researching and testing the world’s finest and most powerful ingredients. If they pass the test, we use them to make awesome healthy foods for our fans. So, let us earn your trust; we’ve learnt and felt the benefits and strength of an anti-inflammatory, nutrient rich diet and we’re on a crusade to bring delicious, nourishing foods packed with levels of nutrition that exceed all expectations to help you be the healthiest you.

Our approach is based on a simple family-proven belief of utilising “nourishing whole foods & ingredients for healthy, thriving outcomes”. Health and nutrition are at the epicentre of everything we do. Each and every product is designed to deliver on taste, texture and most importantly, making you feel great! See, we’re innovators at heart. It’s in our nature to strive to achieve the seemingly unachievable, push the boundaries of baking and challenge the status quo. We’re on a crusade against inflammation; join us for the ride! We’ll help you be the healthiest you!