Paleo Bread

Some may see it as ironic that a bread company moves into Paleo foods, being a diet based on low carbohydrate intake as we are. What we love about Paleo is that it directs people back to whole foods, focusing on nutrient-dense ingredients, sourced primarily from vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Some people think Paleo is all about meat but you don’t eat to any more than you otherwise would.

Our goal in creating Paleo Venerdi breads has been to stay as close as possible to true paleo guidelines: grain free, dairy free, no added sugar and, of course, gluten free. The exciting part of this is seeing the carbohydrate levels in our breads decrease and protein increase significantly, making it especially suitable for a pre or post-workout activities.

Our Range

Super Seeded has been given its name because it has more seeds than flour and blurs the lines between Paleo bread and a health bar. An outstanding choice for breakfast and one of our most exciting breads yet.

Almond and Linseed is a rich wholemeal bread with balanced flavour and a soft texture. Suitable for sweet and savoury toppings, this is a powerful contender for a lower carb lunch. Breads like this are exciting to make and feel great to eat.

As with all Venerdi breads, these are designed as toast breads.

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