Play stimulates chemicals in the brain that result in lower stress levels, it boosts your cognitive functions, reduces anxiety, builds your confidence. It’s a great way to build social bonds, make new friends & become 100x more attractive to your partner or potential mates.

Play satisfies our core self-determination needs, such as autonomy and competence, connecting you with your mandate to explore and challenge yourself. So, when it comes to beefing up your happiness, it’s hard to do better than engaged play.

Not only does it align you with your deepest needs and deliver fun in the moment, but the social component of play is a huge predictor of increased daily well-being. Play increases the odds that you’re going to have more fun in your life because it’s a huge stress buffer, reducing strain and burnout, boosting your immune system and pumping up vitality and energy.

If you’re looking to hack happiness, then incorporating more play into your daily life is an absolute must. And don’t worry, you don’t have to be good at playing. Play is like anything else; the more you do it, the better you get at it. You’re welcome to make plenty of mistakes as you find your way. In fact, true play requires your mistakes. If you don’t look like a fool from time to time, you’re not doing it right.

Whether you’re dancing, playing music, playing games with your family or finding some other form of freedom through imagination and movement, incorporating a bit of play into your routine will refresh your mind, lift your spirits, and help you connect with others more easily.

In short, routine play simply makes you a better human being.