Start well – Simple steps to get the best out of you. Every Day. Interview with Melissa Carroll, Wellness Retreats NZ

Our friends at Wellness Retreat NZ have shared some awesome tips to get you into the right space in the morning.  Morning rituals are a bit of a trend at the moment and we think it’s for a very good reason.  Do yourself some goodness and read on…

Mellissa Carroll owner, founder and inspirational wellbeing enabler has taken some time to help us share some of her insights.  Mel runs a series of one-day and overnight retreats for individuals and corporates throughout NZ. Having been on a health and wellbeing journey of her own, Mel is the proof that a mindful approach can transform wellbeing. Try out these three simple principles and see how you feel.

Mel explains “At Wellness Retreats NZ, we bring together New Zealand’s most inspirational and talented wellbeing professionals to bring balanced days of wellness, so the methods we promote and employ are tried and tested by the very best.”


“Positivity is powerful! We believe in loving yourself so fiercely that when others see you, they know exactly how it should be done. Use the start of your day to feed yourself with love, uplifting thoughts and self-belief. A little positivity has the power to ripple through your body, changing how you feel about yourself and your impact on your world around you. Shift your thinking towards improving your health and shine bright on your Wellness Journey!”


“Move your body!! Exercise has the power to improve all parts of your life. Whatever makes you happy – whether it is a 30-minute walk, a yoga class, a swim at the local pool, an early morning boot camp – keep doing it! We know the feeling all too well when your alarm goes off. Trust us, getting up is the hardest part, once you are there and moving, life flows. By keeping up a continual daily practice of movement, it will help you to keep energised, stay grounded and keep you mentally and physically strong. The human body is a convoluted system with one function: to help you live your life. Use your body to help you on your wellness journey. It is the only one you will ever have and your greatest investment you can make is putting time into maintaining it.”

Pause. Breathe. Proceed.

“Taking 10 minutes for yourself to connect with your breath and still your mind at the end of a busy day can help you drift into a full nights’ rest. Yoga is derived from the word ‘union’, a lot of people think practising yoga is to touch your toes and stand on your head. But in fact, just a few short minutes taking the time out to still your mind and connect the breath is the practice of yoga. The benefits of diaphragmatic breathing are expansive and include rebalancing the autonomic nervous system by reducing the heart and breathing rate – moving you out of your sympathetic nervous system (fight and flight) into your parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest). Physiologically, diaphragmatic breathing reduces tension and tightness in the neck and shoulders, relieving stress in the body. Additionally, it gently ‘massages’ or moves the abdominal organs, adding digestion and supporting lymphatic drainage. Not to mention it’s contribution to maintaining a good posture and core muscle strength”.