Winter is a time to start eating more warming foods, soups, roast vegetable salads and stir fries, curries. Our resident Natural Nutrition Specialist Niki Loe has created a pick and mix meal plan to keep your body fully nourished this winter.

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She also tells us why it is important for our bodies to be fueled by produce that is in season.

Eating in season…what’s all the fuss about?
There is a reason certain vegetables are available to us at certain times of year and not available at others, well not naturally anyway.
Winter fruits and vegetables tend to be rich in immune-protective antioxidants, phytonutrients and vitamins and have a high water content to hydrate our bodies during the cold, dry season. An orange for example, is beautifully in season during our New Zealand winters and is abundant in vitamin C, renowned for strengthening our immune system and warding off viral infections. Also rich in beta-carotene, oranges offer protection for our cells when our bodies are most susceptible to illness. A coincidence? We think it’s more like a gift from nature.

When selecting your fruits and vegetables and planning your meals, always ask:
– Where did this come from?
– Is this in season?

And remember…Nature always gets it right.